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Disney & Family

Disney … a place for everyone, whether it be in Florida, California or Paris.  It’s for sure that its’ one place that can make everyone be a kid again.  From a child – eyes wide open when they see Mickey for the first time, or teenagers, knowing that Mom and Dad will let them explore on their own, or parents and grandparents, watching a child’s eyes and smile with each new thing they do in Disney World. 

There is always something new happening at Disney, and they do a great job of keeping their travel partners educated so that we can help you plan your family/multi-generational vacation.  And it doesn’t just have to be at the parks.  The Disney Cruise is fantastic, and Adventures by Disney, where they take families on coach tours in some of the most wonderful destinations in the world – first class hotels, exciting events, cast members that work with the kids, and even adult-only time.  There’s no way you can miss with Disney – and we have some Disney experts here at All Destinations Travel Company who has been to Disney more than 65 times.  Call on us!  We’ll get you the best!!